Reasons Why Stress is Bad Fashion

It has become a fashion statement now. ‘I am so stressed.’

Layering our fragile egos with a strange sense of importance, this fashion is indeed very toxic.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:
1) How many times in the last week you said, ‘I am feeling stressed?’

2) Do you ever use this phrase to get out of potential commitments such as a meeting or a get-

3) Have you ever judged someone who never seems stressed, thinking that they don’t work as hard as you do?

And let’s find out why is it fashionable in the first place?

We’ve all heard this line. “I have no time; I am really stressed”

But, few of us think about our words. Let’s explore why people think it’s fashionable to be in stress.

1. You are taken more seriously

Many people wrongly assume that if you are relaxed, you probably aren’t doing much work. Much worse than that, some people say that if you laugh a lot, you are childlike.

So by this logic,
A relaxed state of mind = an empty email inbox

A laughing face = a strange sense of freedom and happiness.
And at the workplace, somehow, this very happiness sometimes becomes toxic for others to witness.

You might think that others ruminate on this thought ‘If I am feeling so miserable, why is he so happy?

And to make matters worse, some people wrongly assume that

People don’t take you seriously if you keep smiling.

Obviously, this entirely changes if you are in sales and marketing and actively interacting with clients. But, for the sake of this blog, we are talking about your interactions with your colleagues and boss.

2. You can avoid work

Yet another myth is that people believe that you can avoid work because others don’t want to bother you while you are in a sensitive phase. Your boss comes over to your desk and sees your eyelids drop to your toes in sadness. She remembers what you said about your dying cat earlier in the elevator. And, this stops her from shoving the most incredibly boring and mundane task to your desk. Instead, she walks over to your chirpy colleague and starts to purge the work targets. Well, this fantasy is sometimes lived within the tall and colourful walls of some offices.

And why not?

It is indeed easy to talk to a chirpy person than a person who has folded herself into a tear that is waiting to be released.

3. Everyone says it

Another reason why you may think it’s fashionable to be stressed is the thought that everyone says this. So, if everyone is saying this phrase then, it must be right, isn’t it?

And the worst is if, your boss thinks, ‘You don’t work if you aren’t stressed’.

Yes, it is beyond annoying. Annoying is one thing, but, the above thought is beyond annoying. If you have this thought about your juniors. Please whack your head, right now.

4. It gives me great pleasure to see you in pain

Sadly, there is a sinister pleasure that people derive while waiting for their juniors to pop and drop their eyes on the keyboard at the end of a long day. And the culture is such that, if you are not on your laptop, you probably aren’t working. Even if you are simply surfing Netflix, it’s safer to be on the laptop in front of some cunning colleague than taking a nap. Unless, of course, your office has a nap room. In this case, please give me the details of your office. Are there any openings? Please let me know.
And yeah, there’s this dreaded belief, the last one.
Which says that,

5. To get promoted, I need to slog

In many companies, people have a mentality that to get career growth, we need to work really hard. And real-hard work, according to most people, results in you being stressed.
But is it the case?

A big NO to this fashion statement

It isn’t the case.

Stress isn’t a good thing. Though it can lead to good results. And we all want good results, don’t we? But, the kind of pressure that results in positive efforts is called ‘eustress’. And this is what we can strive towards.

When you are in a state of Eustress, you experience positive feelings. These feelings are filled with excitement, meaning, satisfaction. And this state leads you to feel more confident and just optimally stimulated towards your goal.

For example, when you take up a new work assignment that motivates you to shine in the key areas of your strength, you feel excited. This feeling is maintained if not heightened if you are given realistic deadlines. This is eustress. And this is what you need. Don’t you?
Distress, on the other hand, would involve working on unrealistic deadlines on projects that are of little interest, and inappropriate to your skill and area of expertise.

What would you pick

Eustress or Distress?

And what’s the key?

Even if you have numerous projects lined up. You can prioritize your work and avoid the feeling of distress. What you want is eustress. Because eustress is the optimum level of stress that makes you do your task at hand. And if this level of stress is increased, it becomes distress. And this is what you need to get away from. You can learn more about eustress and the steps to reduce stress here.


Being Stressed ≠ Fashion
Being productive = Eustress
Distress = Help you need
Being too distressed is torture to our bodies and mind.

And, you don’t want to do that to yourself, do you?

PS. I admit this particular blog may be for a lazy read. I'm trying out the list type of blogs. So, please bear with me if this isn't your style :) Let me know? 

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