Bodies floating in Drains

I am sitting in the centre of communal violence in Delhi. Dead bodies are floating in drains. 46 people are already physically dead. While several injured. Panic. Media uproar. Safety swinging in a question mark.

A few Years Back while I was overseas:

Two guys mildly held each other's collar and politely yelled, using the word, 'please'. The argument escalated when the nearby students had to hold them back lest the men may have spilt their coffee; worse, landed a few punches.

Immediately volunteers walked to us and said,

‘I am here to help you; what you witnessed may have made you feel uncomfortable, here’s my card. Please speak to me if you need help’.

And I thought to myself, a smile.

I wonder, how many cards do we need to offer now?

#violence #delhi #mentalhealthawareness

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