Oprah Winfrey's book: Is it worth it?

I don't usually blog book reviews but, Oprah's book 'What I know for sure' made my fingers kiss the keypad. So, here's my take.

First thing first, this isn't a review. I cannot possibly review what has been narrated so heartfully. As I listened to Oprah's audiobook, I was immediately transported to my childhood. One day when I was watching the telly with my family and Oprah's face emerged on the screen, something gleamed. As a pre-teen girl, I knew who she. And, at that point, my dad said, 'this woman has a strong voice'. This was when I knew that there was something he saw in her that alluded to strength of character. The book, 'What I Know For Sure' is a testimony to that strength, curiosity and a beginner's mind.

This book is a guide about the truths Oprah has discovered, and known "for sure". It can be read almost as a guideline that is written for a female audience. It encapsulates so many themes that people face that one can turn to any chapter, only to finish with not only the last words but also a newfound love for their very being.

Oprah talks about what it is to be Oprah; what it is to be aligned to one's core-calling. What it is "to be a poem". What Maya Angelo has been to her, she has been for countless people across the globe.

And, I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to listen to her stories. If you pick it up, make sure you relish it like a peach. Indeed, it's worth it. 

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