Surprising life of a 3-year-old: Rape.

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I cannot pretend that I didn’t read about the recent rape case. That a 3-year-old girl was raped and beheaded. Tatanagar railway station in Jharkhand.

3-year-old girl.

At 3 years, I was just that.

At 3, we all should be just that.

1 year of cuddles+

1 year of mummy daddy+

1 year of look at that.. let me touch and see.

Piaget, a well-known child psychologist would categorise a child at 3 to be at a pre-operational stage of development. This is when a child begins to think symbolically. She develops ‘object permanence’. 

Object permanence means that a child begins to realise that objects exist even though they can no longer be seen or heard.

Objects exist.

Stuff Exists.



Rape. Exists.
This is not what a child needs in their memory, does she?

But, how does it matter anyway?

This child herself doesn’t exist anymore. The only vestiges that exist are pain, and rage.

How many times do I read stuff like this and brush it aside?

“Aisa tou hota rehta hai” ("Oh, stuff like this keeps happening")

It makes my veins shudder and my spine feels uncertain. I cannot sit up straight.

I have been working with a few organisations on women's issues for a while now. And I’d be happy to contribute to issues like this in any capacity available. #Metooforchange

Let's face it, we need help as a nation. And you and I can make our little efforts to make a difference.

Let's speak about this. This time it's not just #metoo. It is #metooforchange

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