Money Raised for Covid Relief Rs.80,000

 Ashok bhaiya (brother) works at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University at a photocopy shop. He is a charming man with formula race-level sharp memory and an honest demeanour. Even though I graduated from university in 2012, I have stayed in touch with my dear teachers and fellow alumni over the years. 

Last month I received a message from one of my dear teachers that Ashok Bhaiya is suffering financially. He had to buy two cows to sustain his family due to his temporary loss of the university job. And, after a few hours of receiving that message, I started a fundraiser in his name. I was surprised and sweetly humbled at the support I received from so many people who not only contributed in money but also forwarded the message. 

This entire journey began with a simple facebook message: 

Posted on July 30th 2020, on my facebook wall: 

"Aap apna wallet phir bhool gaye" (You forgot your wallet)
Back in my undergraduate course at Jesus and Mary College, Ashok bhaiya was the one guy who would know more about our course materials than us. This was true for my batch at least. 🙂
Bhaiya has always been Formula 1 car race-level swift at providing the best course material to students. And, more importantly, the mad power he possesses with a superb memory made me amazed every single time I tested him on that! This was comforting during the times I forgot my wallet at his photocopy shop. And, trust me, I forgot many times. I'd search for my wallet frantically everywhere and just when I'd lose all hope,
I'd end up at Ashok bhaiya's shop.
Bhaiya would say, 'Aap apna wallet chord gaye the' ("You left your wallet")
Besides being a memory master and a wallet saver, Ashok bhaiya has been an absolute delight of a person. And, every memory I have of college would have a little less sparkle if it were not for his support, humour and awesomeness.
But, these are challenging times for Ashok bhaiya as his only source of income is the photocopy shop. His family largely depends on his income.
After reading about the beautiful story of Mithlesh bhaiya, I am very proud of my fellow alumni and current students. Over 2 lakh rupees were raised for him in less than 48 hours. I urge you to please help our very own saviour during exam time, orientation time, and literally anytime-our very own, JMC's Ashok bhaiya 🙂
Attached is the link for his fundraiser. Please consider paying your tribute.
Today, can we all look out for bhaiya's wallet?

And today, we have raised Rs.76,187.50 & $83.44

This is how..

July 30th 2020

July 31st 2020

August 1st 2020

Bhaiya adopted two cows to sustain his family due to Covid-19 financial crises. Deepika and her daughter, the two ladies, would receive some nice treats now 😀 

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