Hello on the other side

I am captivated by the interplay between physical and mental health.

How do cognitive factors affect this mind-body connection? 

Well. okay. This is not the section with Kavya this, Kavya that.. 

I am just a psychologist, standing in front of a reader. 

Asking you to read the blog.

And yes, that's the Nottinghill Movie reference. For no reason at all. 

But. But. Don’t worry, the blogs aren’t that random. 


Are they?

This is where I take a multi-disciplinary approach to discuss interesting topics.

Anywhere from the topic of voices, faces, general psychology, all the way to yoga.

Most of these blogs are aimed towards creating a platform of reading material towards self-growth. 

If you’re interested in seeking counselling appointments, feel free to contact me. 

Ms Bruni

Bruni the Queen

Works as a personal assistant. Bruni spends most of her day doing puggy nidra (sleep).

Her hobbies are dreaming, eating and meeting her friends in the park. 

Her USP: is definitely that head tilt.

Call out her name. And her head dances all the way to her shoulder.

Bruni! Head tilt to the right.

Brunii! Head tilt to the left. 

Our Approach

We talk about lifestyle, growth and psychology.

If you are interested in self-growth, read on. If you like to know how psychologists think, read on.

And, if you are a psychology nerd, this is just the right place for you!

If you are one of those, like me who likes to combine the latest research in psychology and apply an eclectic approach towards growth, then,


It’s great to finally connect with you.

You can take reading sips from the content on lifestyle where I’ll include interesting topics about yoga.

We can discuss about cognitive psychology. And of course, my blogging about gender-related topics can also humour you. There’s some sarcasm in those articles, like “How to Spot a Slut”, “Am I pretty enough to be raped” etc. Hopefully, that’s your cup of tea.

I am happy to take suggestions and open towards collaboration. You can reach out to me at the ‘contact me section’.


Togo has recently joined the team. 

This is him trying to work. 

Unsolicited Advice: Please think twice before recruiting puppies.