As a trained mental health professional and a yoga practitioner, I have a mindful approach to wellness. The services include sessions, workshops and events. The vision of Mind Mantra is to create a beautiful community that focuses on growth, well-being with an insatiable hunger to learn novel ways to achieve one's flow states.


Ms Bruni
Bruni the Queen

Works as a personal assistant. Bruni spends most of her day doing puggy nidra (sleep).Her hobbies are dreaming, eating and meeting her friends in the park. Her USP: is definitely that head tilt. Call out her name. And her head dances all the way to her shoulder. Bruni! Head tilt to the right.Brunii! Head tilt to the left. 


Togo has recently joined the team. This is him trying to work. Unsolicited Advice: Please think twice before recruiting puppies.

Togo Boy

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